WordPress implementation

Install the WordPress content filter plugin

Latest Change Logs

Version 1.1.4:

* Removed plugin reporting

* Removed free licensing features. A license must be purchased at this time to use the plugin

Version 1.1.2:
* Removed BuddyPress integration within the plugin because it caused errors to be thrown if you had it enabled on your WordPress solution. Should clients like an updated integration with BuddyPress, comment on support forum or send us an email.

Past Change Logs

Version 1.1.1:
* Added a free package implementation code (check FAQ for more)
* Made the plugin options easier to access by placing a link in the plugins listing
* Made everything easier to use (at least we think so – do let us know)
* Added ajax on admin side to create a nicer experience while acquiring the license

Version 1.1:
Fixed the issue where a class was not initialized before being read for some reason.

Version 1.0:
*Added Array function – resulted in sending less requests to the service to improve efficiency and speed.
*Removed a feature that is not ready for public view
*Fixed a bug that filtered upon page rendering which slowed down the client’s website performance
*Cleaned some core code
– Fixed issue with the posts and comments not being possible to post due to the previous Array implementation.
– Added the functionality to send data to server if there is an error with the response in the clients plugin.
*Note – The plugin can not send the error to server until the user enters both “License Key” and “API Public Key”.
*Changed link URLS

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