Profanity Filtering made easy.

With our service you can start protecting your brand and users today!

Say goodbye to managing your own profanity filter – with our intelligent system all combinations of bad and good words are updated automatically leaving you time to focus on your product. Less time on moderation and more time for creating greatness.

At Profanity Blocker we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of site and community owners, whether you run a social network, local community site, your own blog or forum. We have you covered, via our WordPress, BuddyPress and BBPress plugin.
With our Discord integration you can intelligently moderate your Discord server automatically.

Filter user-generated profanity in real-time

Capture variations of every kind of profanity you can imagine and eliminate the nuisance of having to create and maintain your own profanity list.

Launch in a few minutes

Integration is quick and easy. Using our filter lets you spend more time to building your app, instead of your own profanity filter. Check out our code samples in all popular languages.

Fast, accurate and reliable

With over 3 million submissions scanned to date, our profanity filter algorithm is constantly being refined. 

Don’t want to use the API? Easily integrate our profanity checker with popular platforms without any programming required

Custom Block & Allow Lists

Need to allow certain words or block others? Manage your own lists via the admin interface or API.

Email, Phone & Links Too

Filter out email addresses, phone numbers and URLs to reduce spam in your application.

Plays friendly with scripts

Scan user generated submissions for profanity. Add your own word lists too. Over 3 million submissions scanned with precision.

We’ve got support for PHP, Python, or Visual Basic. Download, plugin and get coding!

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