Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve done all the hard work for you! We’ve made the filter cleverer enough to deal with many words, false positives and exploits such as, sssmmmuuurrrfff, smu-r_f, and $mmmuuurrrf. These are just examples, amongst many exploits we find and patch to improve the service. Profanity Blocker also recognizes symbols that are supposed to look like letters to exploit the filter. We know all about these! We’ve got you covered!

We have developers that have dedicated their time to the creation of our Profanity Blocker filter system. Profanity Blocker is by now a long way from being just a basic filter with many hours of work invested in it. This work is powered by heavy duty servers which help us and you at the same time, by providing a swift, fast service. All of the costs for servers, server administration and developers are on us.

We most certainly can handle a lot of traffic from our customers. Our system upgrades according to the needs of the network. Your server will continue like normal. As soon as our servers receive your content, it is looked over, corrected if needed and sent back to you. To ensure that you do not lose speed even if you get a large number of visitors at once we utilize the latest high-performance SSD Hard Drives and 1Gb/sec (bandwidth) on each location. We provide service from New York, San Francisco, and Amsterdam. This allows our software to automatically select the best location based on latency, or availability. This enables us to point your traffic to the closest server to you, and we can handle large numbers of requests simultaneously.

We have multiple nodes on our network in place to ensure minimum response times at all times no matter how many users you have or the amount of the text to be filtered.

No server costs, no developer costs, nervous times during your own filter creation and you do not even need to think about updating it at all, it is all done here, for you, by us!

That depends on your needs and as such it would be best to talk to our sales representatives. For basic configurations where you have one development and one live environment you would need two licenses. Each of our licenses (Plugin License and Custom License) works only for 1 domain or IP address (this does not include multiple domains behind 1 IP).

Our Enterprise package allows you to send unlimited requests to our service. At any time, you can check your submission requests at your Profanity Blocker account and upgrade the package if needed. To stop users from over-using their fair share, we have limits on each package. We have measured the average requests that come from small, busy to large platforms, and calculated the requests made (on average) within an hour. If you go over your limit several times in a month, we may contact you, if it continues to happen we may ask you to upgrade, and you can benefit from all the features that comes with the package suitable for your service.

Currently it only accepts English language as this is the most widespread language in the world, but in the future there might be multiple languages offered depending on the amount of requests that we get, so if you have a need for some other language, let us know.

Yes, you can see your stats by logging into your Profanity Blocker account.

We have brought the Profanity Blocker’s false positives count to a minimum. There might be few in the way, but you can whitelist a word for your own website, or even publicly, helping out everyone else using Profanity Blocker as well. This has led to a very small amount of false positives and a great unobtrusive system that can be installed and used by any platform that you might have.

We make sure that this does not happen. We are constantly looking over our hardware, software and network segments of the Profanity Blocker system to ensure that there is never a shortage of resources. What this means for you is that if we notice a need for more resources we will add them to our system before it is actually needed. We also have a fair use policy to make sure clients do not send us massive illegitimate text to our service. Depending on your package the limit is increased.

Because we have multiple nodes on our network, we can take down any node on our system. Service will continue like normal with no disruption. We can then add, update, or totally remove it as per our needs. This is done by our server experts.


Our company has its own communities and social networks where we have been able to test out, modify and upgrade our system to perfection. It has given us an insight into how users are going to try to go around our system and how our system needs to think if it is to stay ahead and be smart.

Our filter will help you out in most cases. Unfortunately there is still a need to have someone inspecting text on your service.

Even though you would still require them, you would make moderation work a very simple and an easy job that may require only some attention from time to time.

Currently Profanity Blocker accepts an unlimited number of characters. However, the larger the text submitted the longer it will take to return results

We monitor our network, internally and use tools to monitor performance and up time. If you find a problem with performance, or a problem with using our Profanity Blocker you can always send us an email or submit a ticket with the problem. We will assist you in anyway we can, in the shortest time possible.

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