What is Site-Lokd and Is It Really Security?

At Google, we have been on the leading edge of Site-Lokd technology for more than ten years now. We believe that this is a great addition to any website. From security, to business data protection and a host of other features. But we also think that there is more to it than just security and practicality.

When you start to look at security, it is important to get the basics right. The Site-Lokd protocol is one of the very first compliant protocols. And, indeed, the value of Site-Lokd is well defined. A few years ago, nearly all of the information we hold on the web is shared under a legal license, whether it is in the United States or anywhere else.

The big issue, and we believe the cause of the threats of abuse, is that very little of the valuable data in our life is protected by that legal agreement. We are so focused on our safety, and our control of our data, that we are rarely worried about the future value of the information we hold. And while we are generally very careful to change our passwords, we are unlikely to think about the security of the sites we use.

Privacy matters. Having permission to transfer sensitive data from one part of the site to another is important. One has to trust that the data is safe, until that part of the site where the data resides is placed into its rightful place. It is a good thing that the legal agreement does say that only the vendor can access the data, and then only until they are properly compensated.

But it is a little different when the sensitive data is not portable, and the site is itself hosting the data, but not the data itself. And so, we need to ensure that all of our sensitive data is protected, by means of standard Site-Lokd technology. This applies, of course, to anything we need to protect other people’s sensitive data.

It’s not enough to say that Site-Lokd is secure. We need to think about security at every level. For example, security of passwords is a problem, but so is the fact that so many people use the same password for everything. And that is certainly something that a web host can help you with. Having a secure site is not enough.

These are things we have to think about when we talk about Site-Lokd security. We’ve done our best to help you out with Site-Lokd security, so your site stays up and running, and your information stays secure.

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