The Problem With Being Refused By Apple for Development App Review

A lot of professional game developers go through the dreaded moment in the App Store rejection phase, when a professional developer is rejected based on his or her developer application, with advice from his or her manager that the application is not up to professional standards and they would like it to be reconsidered. The situation may become even worse when an application was first rejected by Apple and the client finds himself or herself charged again.

App Store Rejection

In the initial rejection process, you may be considered a mediocre developer, but not in the App Store rejection process. The real problem for you may lie in the developer or publisher’s inability to adequately market their applications on your website. In this case, having enough quality content that you can readily and easily host to display on your website may be your ally.

When you are in the App Store rejection process, your professional standing is clearly measured by the quality of your application. In this context, do not take the fact that you were turned down and considered a mediocre developer for granted.

Whether your application was rejected by Apple or some other large publisher, you need to understand that your client has not only trusted you to develop their applications, but they are also trusting you to be able to help them sell it. Since most companies are not big enough to do this alone, they are forced to use experienced developers. This is why the publisher must sign off on your application, usually leaving the process to a third party.

One of the issues that will usually concern software companies who are developing applications for consumers is the usability of the application. If you are able to develop the application, but your clients do not find the application usable, the effects may be far reaching, and the clients may not give the application a second glance.

You must understand that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and other social media sites are a vital tool for your business. They can be used to create your own brand. If you can provide content for these sites, and the other services that come with them, your clients will surely appreciate the effort and value you put into your client relationship.

In case you are a professional developer, it is important that you understand the fundamental problems that can be encountered in the process of reviewing apps and finding consumers. Your client might be disappointed or find something that was overlooked by you. It is important that you remember these important points in order to keep on top of the game in this competitive arena.

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