Does the Jumps on the Moderation Bandwagon Work?

Recently YouTube began to show results on their Jumps on the Moderation Bandwagon, and it is very possible that the bandwagon will continue to get bigger. This bandwagon happens when the general populace begins to completely reject the status quo. I suppose the Jumps on the Moderation Bandwagon can be a very desirable thing. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is dangerous for individuals and for the society as a whole.


Consider the following scenario. An individual is severely depressed and as a result they take drastic action. This can include flinging themselves off a roof. Maybe they or their family are injured. What happens next is the crowd falls in line behind this individual as they become the victim of all the media attention.

This tragic side of “stand up” to the media is the very thing that YouTube was designed to avoid. Rather than the sad stories of person after person getting hurt by other individuals, YouTube creators make up bogus stories to embarrass other individuals. I’m sure that this new site is targeting a lot of very vulnerable individuals to find out if they are fans. As the Jumps on the Moderation Bandwagon continues, more young people are being targeted as well. What we really need to do is end this new wave of pedophiles.

So what is the problem with Jumps on the Moderation Bandwagon? Honestly, the act of laughing at someone else’s misfortune is a horrendous act of luck. And it is the one thing that YouTube does not understand. This type of behavior causes others to have a negative experience with their favorite creators.

YouTube does not like people being openly critical of their service and these news stories can be very embarrassing. The worst part is that if YouTube does not remove these types of videos from their site, it can put people in a negative and potentially harmful situation. Think about this: suppose your mother-in-law lost a job, you found out that her children went to a bad school, and you learned that she had filed for bankruptcy.

You would probably just let it go. Now imagine if you learned that your mother-in-law had received such negative news in her “employment letter” and that you saw the news story on her job loss. What would you do? There are serious implications involved with, laughing at other people’s misfortune.

While the Jumps on the Moderation Bandwagon is not a good thing, the fact of the matter is that people are facing a major threat. Do not be fooled into believing that it is simply the hilarious side of YouTube that makes this site “cool.” Make no mistake about it: the site is carefully calibrated in order to promote group behaviors. I cannot think of a better or more important way to destroy the society than with behavior that promotes group dynamics.

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