Discord and Profanity Blocker go well together

Do you remember MSN Messenger? Maybe not the new generation of youngsters. We have Twitter, Facebook and Discord! There was a time when MSN Messenger was the hottest thing for youngsters. Often it was used 1-on-1 between two participants.

As technology evolved it became dated and Microsoft had new plans for instant chat. This was the time when Hotmail was changing into Outlook.com back in 2012, It was fully shutdown in 2013. The transition between MSN and Skype was fairly seamless. Old contacts were automatically added to Skype for you and all reference to instant messaging was changed to Skype.

Skype came along and revolutionised instant chat. Everyone was using it. It had improved video calling, easy people finding search engine, improved UI and more.

Now, that aside, gaming has become a very big industry, with all kinds of gamers from soft/novice to hardcore gamers. Discord targets gamers and gamers love how it adds to their gaming communities. Often games have poor chat facilities or people prefer to chat outside of their favourite games for when they can’t get online (or dare we say, avoid content filters or if the game doesn’t have such facilities, avoid penalties for talking about forbidden topics for moderation teams to inspect. This is where gamers have adopted Discord for their live streaming, video, and audio and text based communication. It runs in the background and doesn’t slow down their computers. It’s every gamers dream.

The problems with this though is that Discord has had to enforce age restrictions for its users. It’s Terms of Service states that you must not be under 13 when using Discord and Discord bans accounts found to be under 13 years of age – but as we know, gamers are of all ages and go from gaming community to gaming community. 

A game publisher could install our advanced Profanity API and when profanity is detected, record this. The game application itself could automatically penalise users after a limit is reached, or flag up moderation teams to give them some human moderation. It is about being fair and using creativity to produce a fair moderation system that helps cut down obvious chat abuse and flagging more alarming cases which gives publishers more time.

This is at the discretion of the game publisher and/or developers. To protect Discord users and ensure minors aren’t shown inappropriate content people should definitely report content and users to Discord itself. However, it is not real-time and Discord server moderators (which aren’t paid, and rely on volunteers) must give up their time to moderate their own Discord servers. 

Profanity Blocker can help, by adding our bot to your Discord server you can get an incredibly accurate profanity checker which cleans profanity, checks for URLs, emails and phone numbers and removes these messages instantly. A new feature that was recently released is image scanning where Profanity Blocker will provide image moderation for your server.

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