Dangers of sharing contact information online

We all can think a harmless phone number, Facebook name, KIK, WhatsApp or Snapchat ID is not a problem.

Unfortunately, unlike in ‘real life’, you can’t always be sure who you are sharing your details with. If you have the slightest doubt, don’t!

Ask yourself what’s on your profile, can a person identify you online and in real life? Will you use these means to share explicit photos? Often people blackmail you to sending more photos, and repeat this tactic with many people.

Services like Facebook, KIK and WhatsApp are not monitored and most people do not report cases that are serious bullying, or even against the law.

Profanity Blocker is the perfect tool for user generated content; if you don’t want contact information to be sharable on your service you can block emails and phone numbers. Using the admin interface you can block additional words like other social platforms. This helps prevent your users from sharing social network information which is outside of your service. By using Profanity Blocker’s content filter, you can automatically block popular communication service names to protect our users (and the interest of the service). We believe it’s best to deal with the problem instead of asking questions later when things go un-reported or things go wrong.

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